Video Game/DVD/CD Repair Service Scratches Removed

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Video Game/DVD/CD Repair Service Scratches Removed

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-Do you have a disc that will not read or load properly?
-Does it skip when you play it?
-Does it have scratches on the non-label side of the disc? Discs with damage to the label side may not be repairable.

-Then we can take your scratched CD, DVD or Video Game, (Playstation, PS2, PS3, XBox, XBox 360, Gamecube, or any other game on a Disc) and make it look like it just came out of the box.
-There are limits to the repair however. If there are scratches on the label side of the disk or deep scratches on either side we may not be able to repair the disc.
-The purchase price includes the cost of return shipping.
-Simply mail us your disc(s), without the case, and we will resurface it and have it back in the mail to you within two days of receipt.
-If shipping multiple or expensive discs we recommend you insure the package when you ship us the disc(s).
-Again this is a service that will attempt to repair a damaged disc. There are no refunds if your disc is beyond repair. The fee is for the attempted repair.

We cannot repair discs with the following issues:
-Damage to the label side of the disc where the label side is damaged to the point that you can see light shining through when the disc is held up to a light
-Discs with cracks, holes, dents or gouges
-Discs with warping from heat damage
-Pirated software, music or games will not be repaired.

This item ships via USPS 1st Class or Priority Mail depending on the number of discs in the order.

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